The Founder

With over 15 years of film and new media production experience, Mike blends his insatiable need for film, creativity and technology with deep passions for business, people and culture. He has produced for a myriad of domestic and international corporations, ad agencies, marketing agencies, branding consultants, and television networks with world class design and integrated media solutions.

In addition to concept-to-finish production services, Mike also offers extensive experience with brand consultation and new business development. He has a solid foundation and working knowledge of relative technologies, including hardware, software, equipment, mobile technology and applications, and is a seasoned camera operator and photographer.

A serial entrepreneur, Mike was the founder and operator of Digital Events (2000), a Denver-based full-service film, interactive, and creative production house (12 years), during which time he launched Cluster Studios, Creative Workspace  (2006), a renovated a 22,000 square foot warehouse which is now one of Denver’s largest creatively-inspired shared work spaces, photo studio, and event center.  Cluster Studios is home to a variety of artists, creative businesses, and new media professionals that find ways to collaborate, share ideas, and exchange resources.

In 2011 Mike was accepted to attend “Project Getaway” where adventurous entrepreneurs live and work together in inspiring locations around the world.  His “workation” took place in Bali, Indonesia where a select group of 15 people from around the globe co-worked on their startups from luxurious accomodations.  Project Getaway is not just an event, but a complete experience. It’s geared towards successful and aspiring entrepreneurs who are ready to take the leap towards a deeply satisfying lifestyle, where great success, adventure and a balanced lifestyle goes hand-in-hand.

Mike was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY and began experimenting with graphic design, computer programming, and the web in the late 1980s. Today, Mike nurtures his passion for the creative by immersing himself in art, architecture, fashion, photography, and film, and by seeking interesting projects that afford him to travel.

I <3:  snowboarding, surfing, scuba diving, travel, beaches, jungles, thunderstorms, camping, photography, cinematography, architecture, and interior design.