Tenant: BootayBag          Date: Occupied          Space Detail: 40X20 (800 sq ft)


This bright office suite is flooded with natural daylight from the large South facing windows.  It’s open floorplan allows for both office and studio and comes outfitted with two sets of slim modern desk/storage stations.  It’s also equipped with dimmable LED pendant lighting for the evening work and close to the entrance, kitchen, lounge, game room and conference room.

White window drapes and partially frosted interior windows create a view of the photo studio action and occasional events. Oversize 5′ wide office door for moving large items.


(800 sq ft.) 40′ × 20′
Windows & Daylight

2 desks w/ storage
Dimmable LED pendant lighting


(2) 20amp circuits
Comcast up to 105 mb.
Phone, Internet & Cable T.V

*Comcast paid separately