Suite 01

Dimensions: 20×20 (400 sq ft.) private office and studio
5000 sq ft of common area access

Natural daylight and interesting light refractions add a nice touch of sophistication to your daily workspace.
This unit was recently upgraded with an acoustic drop ceiling, white window drapes, and dimmable
recessed fixtures allowing you to control your lighting preferences. Large partially frosted glass windows line
the entire “North” interior wall providing a panoramic view of the common area, photo studio, occasional
events, and cozy evening lighting. Oversize suite entrance doors provide easy moving of large items and
have individual locks to secure your property outside of your business hours.

All of our suites are temperature controlled and have high grade polished concrete floors making the suites
comfortable and easy to clean.

Wired for 10mb symmetrical, phone line, (1) dedicated 20amp circuit , (12) dimmable recessed lights,
(internet plan not included)