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From Egypt


Decorative Artist, Lighting Designer and Painter, Amina Sabry is a third generation member of Egypt’s most prominent Interior Design family.

Her passionate vision, informed by centuries of classic arabesque design and modern aesthetic and function results in singular, highly coveted lighting creations. For more than 20 years Amina’s iconic chandeliers have added luxury, creativity and sophistication to the finest homes, hotels and restaurants in Egypt and an elite overseas clientele.

Amina’s lighting projects range from production table lamps and sconces, to residential lighting installations and massive chandeliers. Egyptian artisans—glass blowers, metal and wood workers—follow her elaborate instruction to create these unique offerings for NOOR.


To America


Pursuant to receiving his Master’s degree in Architecture, Tarek has sought to introduce Amina Sabry’s talents to America in conjunction with designing unique home furnishings incorporating reclaimed architectural elements such as wrought iron, brass work and wood.

This exclusive collection is the result of an international collaboration years in the making. NOOR’s offerings are dedicated to lovers of authenticity and form!