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Koalaty Siding Repair is happy to offer you a choice when it comes to your worn out or damaged siding. Repair or replace, you decide! After many years of research, we’ve developed a process for inspecting, assessing, and repairing siding that allows you to have potentially many more options than you did before. Often our process will allow you the option to address the problem areas without the increased waste or cost associated with a full siding replacement. We consider all the factors when determining suggestions, specific product and systems failures, maintenance and life cycles of the siding system, and your personal goals such as how long you look to be in the home and budget.

Clients choosing repair often save many thousands over their full replacement options. If repair isn’t enough we can always replace it all (and we’re amazing at full replacement), but it’s definitely worth a look to see if saving thousands is a route you’re able to take.